Types of car window glasses.

Types of car window Types of car window

Types of car window

There are different types of window glasses and their parts. For example, there are more than 30 different color combinations. To find out what type of the window glass you need, the following explanations are made:

  • H – the height of the window glass.

  • L – the width in the broadest part of the window considering the curve of the glass window.

  • The point of the rear view mirror fastening – The element (included in the set) for the rear view mirror fastening, attached to the window glass; otherwise there is a special reference in the catalogue.

  • Rain sensor – The sensor element attached to the window glass, which automatically switches on the windshield wipers in case of rain. In some cases only the fastening is supplied.

  • The upper tinting – the tinted band on the upper side of the window glass, which provides comfort during the driving in a sunny weather.

  • Molding – Elements and moldings for the window glass fastening.

  • AS – mark – The quality of optic limpidity of the window glass (AS 1,2,3). AS 1 is the clearest glass from the optical point of view.

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – a special space on the glass in order to see VIN number.

  • Trademark – the logotype of the producer of the glass window.

  • Serigraphy – Black band along the perimeter of the glass window, that makes it possible to hide the elements of the fastening, glue and protect it form the direct sunlight.